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2344 Tulare Street, Suite 300, Fresno, California 93730

Email:    Cathy's Direct Line: (559) 545-2020

Local Fresno Attorney Since 1991

We're here to empower you to make decisions relating to your legal needs. 

Cathy answers her direct line whenever possible; however, we encourage you to use the link below to book a free, brief general consultation to determine if we're the right fit for you prior to making a paid appointment. Cathy's goal is that each client (or potential client) is treated like family.

You're also welcome to leave a text or email and expect a same-day response. Please include your name, the names of any other involved parties (for required conflicts check), and a general description of your matter.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this webpage or during a free consultation call creates an attorney-client relationship.  Nothing is intended to provide advice outside of the State of California. 

Free consultations are 15 minutes by phone to determine if your case is something we handle. You can also book a paid appointment at the office.  My rate is $295/hour and charges are payable in advance at the time of the appointment. Please note that all appointments are subject to a conflicts check (required by law) and may need to be moved in the event of a scheduling conflict not correctly indicated on the automatic scheduling calendar.  Appointments for new clients are generally available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting between 10 am and 3 pm. For appointments on Tuesdays, before 10 am or after 3 pm, please call or text Cathy directly at (559) 545-2020.

Please explore the website for our areas of representation. Note that we DO NOT accept clients in the following areas: pro bono or contingency, residential landlord-tenant (i.e., problems with your apartment manager), estate planning (e.g., wills), family law (e.g. divorce or child custody), personal injury, Small Claims (matters under $10,000 in damages), or criminal law matters.

Making an appointment does not create an attorney-client relationship which requires a conflicts check, case evaluation, a signed attorney-client agreement, and typically payment of a retainer.